The Princess, Pegg and the Paparazzi

Last week there was a massive furore over the fact that some French magazine published topless photographs of Prince William’s wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

Kate Middleton, the second hottest royal.

On hearing this I had a mixture of feelings, I felt bad for the woman, I mean it must be embarrassing and when I learnt more a little bit outraged, but also, I can’t deny that there was a little part of me that was curious to see the breasts that a future ruler of this country may suckle on. I didn’t look though, as quite frankly it all feels rather distasteful.

Unlike the scandal over the pictures of Prince Harry (see my thoughts on that here) this was a whole different kettle of fish, Harry had drunkenly been a bit silly and the pictures were mildly embarrassing. His sister-in-law was in a far worse situation, firstly she must be painfully aware of the fact that around the world millions of people must have perved over her, which must feel like a terrible violation.

Believing herself to be in a private area Kate decided to sunbathe naked, something that many people will do on holidays (not this fat bastard though, I want to keep the number of people who have seen the Page mannaries to a minimum) and something she is entitled to chose to do. Sadly however she didn’t figure on some scumbag with a telescopic lens taking snapping away.

Its a sad state of affairs where this kind of thing is allowed, its a massive invasion of privacy and morally wrong. Nobody should be photographed without their say so, especially when in a state of undress and relaxation.

In a tweet Simon Pegg summed things up pretty well:

Peeping Toms, if caught in the act of invasive voyeurism, simply claim to be a photojournalist and marvel as your perversion is legitimised!

Simon Pegg bang on the money.

Imagine if somebody was taking photos of you, or your partner, sister, or daughter without her knowing? And then sharing them around the place? How would you feel? Not good. You’d feel humiliated, violated and from then on be constantly on guard.

The paparazzi, who aren’t journalists in any way shape or form, will try to use the “public interest” argument or say that Kate is in the public eye. So? Does that strip her of her rights to privacy and dignity? In choosing to marry the man she loves did she somehow agree to sacrifice the rights and freedoms that the rest of us take for granted?

I have little time for the paparazzi. As someone who still clings to a vague dream of being a journalist I always wanted to be a writer like Hunter S Thompson or one of those war correspondents, delivering comment and information that was in the public interest. Exposing corruption, highlighting injustice and keeping the public informed of the world they live in.

The paparazzi and celebrity journalism in general don’t do this. In this instance, other than to satisfy perverse curiosity, how were these pictures in the public interest? It wasn’t as if Kate was caught doing something untoward, and even if she was misbehaving this is a massive overstepping of the boundaries. She was merely trying to enjoy herself on holiday and catch some rays, does the public need to see that? Does it enhance our insight into her character, does it effect how she will be able to conduct her duties as a member of the royal family? No. It is merely a twisted, voyeuristic streak that should not be indulged. I hope that the photographer in question is prosecuted because it is an invasion of privacy, and this kind of thing should not be encouraged.

I won’t judge those who looked at the pictures, I understand the curiosity people would have had, and felt it myself, but I’m hoping that others resisted the urge to have a peek at them.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


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