Random Song: Tribute by Tenacious D

I may have to stop doing lyric quizzes on Sporcle as it mainly seems to be a way of getting insanely catchy songs stuck in my head. Following “We Didn’t Start The Fire” I found a quiz about this novelty rock song, and having not heard it or thought of it in ages was amazed how much of it came flooding back. It then stayed there, lodged in my head and refusing to budge for days.

I guess its not that amazing that it came back so fast because they used to play this every week in the rock club I used to go to, it was a monster success which started out as being funny as hell, then became just amusing and finally, due to ubiquity became tired and played out.

Which is a shame as its actually quite a good, fun goofy track. You can tell why it took off, its catchy, has a real sing-a-longability to it and is kinda charming. When you first hear it it puts a big dumb grin on your face and its a few listens before that starts to wear off.

The video, featuring Dave Grohl as the devil raises a few chuckles and the story of the song is quite nice and clever, with Jack Black has quite a good singing style for this kind of comedy song.

I’ve always had mixed feelings about Jack Black, the guy did some amusing flicks and I must admit I have a bit of a soft spot for him because my sister said his character in High Fidelity, Barry, reminded her of me. Although I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

I mean, I’d much rather be someone who John Cusack reminded people of.

But at the same time he’s got that annoying hyperactive thing going on and gives the impression that he might actually believe some of his own hype.

Tenacious D, a few alright songs aside were a bit of a dud and hung around far too long, before releasing their movie, which is painfully unfunny and not even the presence of the mighty Meat Loaf can save it.

Awful film.

Anyway, here’s the song:

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

One thought on “Random Song: Tribute by Tenacious D

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