Back on the streets

Its been almost a month since I last blogged about running (see here) and there’s been a reason for that, Lazy Chris seized power, for the embodiment of my slothfulness he’s actually quite quick off the mark.

I just want to clear up that the 8th of August wasn’t the last time I ran, I got about 5 more runs in, although even taking that consideration its a pretty lame statistic, 5 runs in 27 days. That’s less than one run every five days.

I could say its because my trainers are utterly knackered and hurt my feet (they do), or that I struggled for motivation after my Nike+ sensor and headphones both broke within days of each other (they did), or that work has been especially rough the last few weeks and I’ve been pulling in a fair amount of overtime (I have), but deep down they’d just be excuses.

The major reason is that I started backsliding and letting Lazy Chris take charge again. All the above factors played a part, but at the end of the day, it comes down to a personal, mental failure on my part.

See, losing a way of tracking my progress or soundtracking my runs did hurt my motivation, but I’ve run without music in the past and I should have been able to just push on through the silence. It was a mental lapse and a bit worrying to see just how quickly I can fall back into idleness.

Its weird that this should strike at this time, given the fact I’ve had the inspiring spectacle of the Olympic and Paralympic games to push me on, but for some reason I just lost my mojo.

So I decided that today I was going to pull on my trainers and get out there. The sunny weather was a bit of a double edged sword- its easier to get going when the sun’s shining outside, but the heat made things hard going.

It had been over a week since my last run, and as ever, the first run back was pretty tough going. I managed to go for about 50 minutes, but I felt slow, out of shape and practice. It was nowhere near my best and I was aware that I copped out a bit and ran a shorter route, but I’d decided to ease back in.

It was tough and by the time I was done I felt pretty knackered and sore, but at the same time I did feel kind of good. I’d thrown LC off my back and it was the good kind of tired where you feel like you’ve earned it. I’m away for a few days next week but I’m planning to get back into the running and get back on track to start doing 65 minute runs in October. I’m planning in October to also start hitting the gym more and really push on with this getting healthy stuff. I’ve done alright since I started in November last year, but I’m still not where I want to be yet.

Come payday I’ll get some new trainers, headphones and a replacement Nike+ sensor, but even before then I’m going to get back into my routine of running at least every other day, and hopefully I can be back to doing hour runs before I go away.

I think what I’ve got to learn from this is to just keep pushing myself, ignore the lame half-excuses and force myself to get out there, regardless of weather, equipment or work stuff. It’ll benefit me, not only will it mean I don’t have the tough return runs but also, mentally I just feel better about myself when I run. The last few weeks I’ve felt pretty guilty and there’s been a fair amount of self-loathing going on as I’ve realized that I’d wasted yet another day loafing around the house watching Smallville.

So, Lazy Chris, jog on, because I’m back!

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


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