Soft touch

When it comes to selling you stuff one of the major tools used in adverts is sentimentality, I mean, aside from sex and remaining at the forefront of trends its probably the biggest one they use.

This kicked into over drive recently as P&G launched their unbelievably twee and patronizing “proud sponsors of mums” campaign. I mean, as far as I know if you’re sponsored by someone they give you stuff, rather than try and get you to fork out money for their products while pretending they give a crap about you.

Anyway, while these adverts usually leave me cold, there is a sub-genre of adverts that I actually quite like- soppy adverts.

Now, long time readers will know that I’m a bit of a sappy romantic at times and so I have a bit of a soft spot for romantic little adverts like this one.

My recent favourite is from Google, which sees a guy try to win back his ex by putting together a little Google document thingy.

I like it because its kinda funny and sweet, and like I’ve said countless times, I’m a soft git. I like the fact that some of it feels quite realistic, and captures a vibe of someone filled with regret and still lovestruck trying to get back the one that got away.

Its weird how some adverts fall flat but then some click with you, and kudos to whoever came up with this one, because for me it really worked. As did the previous Google ad about the dad making a series of videos and pictures for his daughter to watch when she was older. Despite my usual media studies cynicism I’m a sucker for these ads, I’m definitely getting softer as I get older.

The version above is the American version but the UK one is pretty much the same only with a few cultural things changed (they go for fish and chips rather than tacos), I hope you enjoyed it.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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