Pic Post: Dark Knight Rises inspired stuff, iconic and a new tradition is born

Everyone loves Bowie

I’m serious I don’t know anybody who hates David Bowie and his music, most people accept that he’s a total legend but even those who aren’t massive fans accept he’s an iconic performer. If I ever meet someone who says they hate Bowie’s music I’d be completely amazed, and sever all ties with that person. Say day is night, say black is white, but don’t ever criticize Bowie.

Batman 1 Superman 0

Superman gets owned.

Dark Knight Rises Stuff

I love how the internet allows people to make little memes and also to express the random thoughts they have, clearly The Dark Knight Rises has been inspiring some folks and I especially liked both of these, they made me smile, and its always good to see some love for The Princess Diaries.

Jean Luc asks a good question.

Made me smile

Hot picture of the week

Okay, so I seem to anyway, but I thought to give these picture posts a bit more structure I’d try and include one picture of someone I think is hot in each post. To kick us off its the iconic Marilyn Monroe.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO



2 Comments on “Pic Post: Dark Knight Rises inspired stuff, iconic and a new tradition is born”

  1. Blogdramedy says:

    Love that Marilyn shot. Wow! That woman was hot…and I’m a straight woman so I can’t even begin to imagine what guys think. Well, actually. Yes, I can. 🙂

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