Milestones and Nipples.

Today I ran my 100th run with my Nike sensor thingy, I was pretty chuffed about this especially as it also marked the run that I reached the 600k mark (around 372 miles), which is pretty cool as it means I have an average of 6km a run, which makes sense as at the start of the year I wasn’t making 5k yet and I’m now posting 8k runs now I’ve moved up to the hour long runs.

Annoyingly, similar to the Jericho curse (wrestler Chris Jericho feels that whenever he starts at a new company his first match always goes badly) whenever I reach a milestone I seem to struggle on that particular run, and today I only managed a lacklustre 8.26k run where I’ve previously been getting around the 8.5 mark.

This was a bit of a drag, and I think my fault for not getting enough sleep last night and not stretching myself out this morning. Although, one of the bridges I cross was open and that messed up my rhythm.

It wasn’t a complete disaster and I still felt pretty good at the end, if a little frustrated.

I say pretty good because recently I seem to have picked up a running injury.

Sore nipples.

Now, this is rather embarrassing and extremely painful, as my nipples are quite sensitive. I think it was either when the weather was really hot a while back or when my running vest got soaked, or maybe a combination of the two, but last week after a run my nipples were extremely sore.

This isn’t the first time its happened and there’s bound to be some chafing, but the other day it seemed to have got worse and they were rubbed raw which really hurt.

Then I remembered something I saw on Russell Howard’s Good News (here’s the clip, the relevant part starts around the five minute mark) about his brother meeting the foxy Princess Beatrice before they both ran the London marathon. His brother offered the royal some vaseline which runners apply in order to stop chafing.

Princess Beatrice

So yesterday while in town I bought a little tub of vaseline but either Russell Howard’s brother was telling porkies and just wanted to see a royal feel herself up, or I put it on wrong, in which case on the off chance HRH is reading this I’m free if she wants to provide a show and tell.

Rather annoyingly I now have a pot of vaseline I have no use for and my nipples are even worse, so bad in fact that it definitely effected my run today. I felt myself slow down a little near the start to minimize the chafing and then told myself to quit being such a baby and push through.

So, vaseline was a bust, I’m going to have to Google how to stop sore nipples (to be fair, I’ve Googled weirder) but I figure what I might do is go down the Tank Girl route and stick plasters over them (Googled “tank girl plasters” and various other forms, this is best I could find, I’m sure I saw a picture of her with plasters over her nips before. Am I mistaken? I’ve never actually read any Tank Girl, but I seem to remember seeing one years ago. Hmm.)

And then if I feel like being a little classier I can ditch the plasters and go for something like this.

I love burlesque and pin up girls.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


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