Pic Post: Battoos, Paranoia and Ace Parenting

Another picture post, I’m tired and can’t think of anything to write and so here’s another collection of things I’ve found online and thought were cool.

Holy ink, Batman!

This is cool.

Clash of the Cartoon Titans

I have no idea why you’d think of this but it is very, very awesome.

My money’s on the rabbit.

Yeah, I’m not buying it

Power Girl’s infamous cleavage costume is iconic and utterly pointless, clearly designed by a pervy artist and loved by fanboys they struggled to justify it with this stupid theory.

This is how I think

Awesome parenting!

The kid doesn’t look entirely happy, but he’s got one of the greatest Halloween pictures of all time.

Not usually a Beth Ditto fan, but she looks hot in this picture.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


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