Liam Gallagher in tights

Recently things have been heating up in a feud between Madonna and Lady Gaga, mainly because Madonna keeps having little pops at Gaga’s song “Born This Way” having similarities to her own “Express Yourself”. Which is a tad ironic as Madonna was accused recently of having ripped someone else off in “Vogue”.

There are similarities between the two tracks, to be fair, but to say its a rip off is daft, and I think, has little to do with Madonna’s feelings on the subject.

I think the problem is Madonna’s ran out of starlets to smooch with and needs some way of staying relevant, so she’s gone on the offensive against a pop star who’s currently at the top of her game, like a boxer who starts mouthing off about the champ.

Attacking Gaga has got her the column inches she wanted in the press, and got people talking (and blogging) about her again.

Her recent tour has seen a plethora of attention seeking actions- flashing the flesh, waving prop guns about, slagging off local politicians.

Madonna- Trying too hard?

It all reminds me of ex-Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher, the music industry’s very own Statler and Waldorf.

When his band went into decline Liam would frequently pop up in music magazines slagging off other bands, sometimes accurately but most often in extremely petulant, vindictive attacks which often coincided with the release of the latest disappointing Oasis album.

The ever charming Liam Gallagher

There’s a sense of desperation hanging over the whole thing, a desire to remain relevant and in the public eye from Madonna which is entirely unbecoming.

Madonna’s a musical legend, having cemented her place as one of the all time great pop stars, and at this point in her career she shouldn”t have to play these games. People will want to see her live anyway, and its hardly as though Madonna’s some long forgotten star on the comeback trail, this is, of course, the woman who performed at the Superbowl this year.

I’ll admit I’ve been unimpressed with Madonna’s recent output, but she did have a great run and has an impressive back catalogue of classic tracks (“Like A Prayer”, “Like a Virgin” and “Material Girl” remain some of the finest pop songs of all time).

Personally, I think there may also be a bit of jealousy. Lady Gaga is this generation’s Madonna, she’s a unique, charismatic performer who courts controversy and inspires adoration in many. Gaga makes headlines in the easy way Madonna used to, whereas Madonna seems to be deliberately seeking out the front pages.

Where do I sign up for Team Gaga?

Of course, as a big fan of Lady Gaga’s I may be a little biased, and I’ll say that in this little feud I’d definitely be throwing in with Team Gaga, but considering this entire puffed up war of words is over two songs that promote individuality, self expression and self respect it all seems a little childish. Ladies, can’t we all just get along?

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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