A generation of Henrys

Sometimes I read something that really annoys me.

Today I read that in a recent poll by the Early Learning Centre a shocking number of parents confessed to helping or encouraging their kids to cheat on their sports days.

What the hell is wrong with these people?

I’m a firm believer in kids doing sports in school, and I speak as someone who was largely useless at sports, mainly due to being uselessly large. But sports are important, not just because of the health benefits, but also because some of the positive lessons they can help kids learn- sportsmanship, team work, competition all that jazz.

Its also fun.

I may have sucked at sports, but for the most part I did get an odd enjoyment from some of them, particularly football and rugby. Rugby was the only time I received praise in a sports report at secondary school, and football was something I’d regularly play as a kid, with more enthusiasm than skill.

In fact I often think about trying to join a team.

Anyway, I was pretty angry about these stupid parents, and some of the statistics they got from the poll are horrible:

  • 1/3 would not stop their kid from cheating
  • 1/5 helped to stick eggs on spoons
  • 1/10 actively encourage cheating

Apparently 25% of parents will offer bribes as incentives, which I think is fair enough. Offering a reward for doing well isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as long as you also make sure that they get the whole ” do your best” thing and aren’t distraught if they lose.

The thing is its the allowing, aiding and encouraging of cheating which I find disgusting. Its a kids sports day for crying out loud! There’s nothing at stake, and even if there was you shouldn’t cheat anyway.

Teaching your kids that cheating is acceptable means that when your kids grow up they’re going to always try and take the easy option. Why try your best or work hard when you can break the rules and get the desired result?

The cheating can include distracting other kids, tripping them and all sorts. It’d almost be laughable how overly involved these parents are getting if it wasn’t for the fact you know its having a negative effect on their kids.

Cheating should never be encouraged, people like Thierry Henry deserve to be vilified for cheating, and if anything you should always treat cheating like this so the message gets through to your kids.

Henry screwing Ireland out of a World Cup. Some consolation came from the French team imploding and crashing out of the tournament in disgrace

You teach your kids anything other than its something awful to do and something to be ashamed of and you’ve failed one of the most basic requirements of being a parent- raising them right.

Basically you should teach them that trying their best and losing is infinitely superior to cheating and winning.

And if you’re a teacher and you discover a kids cheated, then you should shame that brat to the full extent of your powers. I’m talking punishment and embarrassment.I know some will complain this is horrible and bullying to the kids, but if the parents aren’t doing their job, someone has to instill some decent values in them.

The only person who deserved to be celebrated for cheating is the lying, cheating and stealing superstar Eddie Guerrero. Why? Because he did it with flair and the results were already decided anyway.

RIP Eddie.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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