I can appreciate that being a parent is a tough thing to do, in fact, the idea of being that responsible for another person terrifies me. If you mess up as a parent you can mess up someone’s entire life.

But I’d like to think if I did become a parent I’d keep my individuality, perspective and consideration for others, beacuas I’ve noticed a lot of parents don’t. Today I saw one example of parental selfishness and one incident of terrible parenting.

First of all was the selfishness, there’s this attitude some parents have where they seem to feel that the entire world should make way for them and their spawn, and that this entitles them to more.

I see this a lot, whether its Katie Hill whinging about there not being enough “mother and child” spaces or the people who say all the lads mags should be covered up to stop their little kiddiewinks being exposed to the female form. Let me tell you something (brother), there are considerably worse things you should worry about your kids seeing than Jodie Marsh’s hot body, and way to teach your kids to see the human body and sexuality in general as something disgusting and shameful.

I see it in work as well, where some of my coworkers seem to think allowances and shifts should be sorted to cater to them and the needs of their offspring. Sure, things sometimes have to be moved around but I don’t think its fair that I should have to lose out or be inconvenienced because I haven’t knocked anyone up yet.

And then take for example what I saw in a local shop today. The shop I go to is not far from a primary school and I wound up going there just after the end of the day. And about 20 mothers all decided to stop off for some bits and bobs.

I get that going on the way back from the school run is more convenient (whatever happened to school buses? Surely its more environmentally sound than all these people going in their cars) but think about it. You’re messing it up for everyone else and also, this is a small shop, filling it with tired, grumpy or hyperactive kids is not helping anyone, why not go on the way to picking them up? That way you don’t have to try and herd the brats around the shop.

Which brings me to the awful parenting I saw today. I was in the queue when this frazzled mother joined behind me, and started yelling for her daughter to come to her. Bad enough she’d apparently named her child after bland country singer Shania Twain, but she was yelling in a crowded shop, which is just rude.

Shania’s little brother was with his mum, and asked if they could do something, I’m not sure what I don’t understand childish jabbers and she responded if Shania hurried. At which point she resumed yelling for her wayward daughter before saying, to the boy:

“If your sister doesn’t hurry up and get over her I’m going to beat her like a ginger stepchild”

Now, while I was happy that I’d heard one of my favourite expressions being used, I couldn’t believe she’d said it to a kid who was at most 4. Seriously, not cool.

Sadly, this is only number 2 on the list of bad things I’ve heard parents say as I once heard a guy say to a toddler “Don’t be a twat all your life” although I think the kid probably wasn’t able to understand it, but still, its a little kid you’re talking to.

There should be a pre-parenting test or something.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO


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