Wrong Issue, Idiots

If you’ve been following the news you’ll know that the company hired to provide security for the Olympics, G4S, have royally messed up.

They probably underbid everyone else to land the contract, but rather stupidly, couldn’t actually get the bodies on the ground to fulfill their end of the bargain, revealing that they were short and as a result 3,500 soldiers have been drafted in to beef up security.

“Join the army, they said, see the world, they said.”

Which is great.

A large section of the population already regard the Olympics as a nuisance and a colossal waste of money, so the fact that the army is now being used is sure to raise the ire of an already irritated public.

G4S have shot themselves in the foot, and are apparently due to lose £50 million. I fail to feel much sympathy for them and think really they should have to pay for the soldiers and give back a slice of their fee because they failed to meet their end of the deal.

Now, I get why people are annoyed, but today I saw a story where I think they kind of missed the point of why the public should be angry with this bunch of jokers. The headline was:

G4S Olympic Security: Nick Buckles, Chief Executive, Doesn’t Know If Security Staff Can Speak English

Ummm, okay.

Why is this something that should cause panic and consternation?

Annoyingly it was from the Huffington Post, which is usually quite a good news outlet, despite their habit of repetitive, sometimes misleading tweets. But it could have come from the pages of the D**** M***, and would set their readers to froth at the mouth, incandescent with xenophobic rage.

Here’s the deal, you’re talking about a story where a company is understaffed to provide security and now you want to eliminate some of that small number? So they’re understaffed.

So what if they can’t speak English, as long as they understand what they should be keeping an eye out for and alert the authorities if they see something dodgy does it matter? If they can do their jobs I don’t care if they can only speak Elvish and Klingon.

In fact, its probably beneficial to have security staff who can speak other languages because this is the Olympics and its an international event, meaning there’ll be people from all over the world coming in. Surely having people who speak some of their languages will help speed things along.

Seriously, get some perspective, is it? And get worked up about things that actually matter. You’re a news site, not some geeks rambling blog.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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