As if I needed more reason to love Ron Perlman

I’m a massive fan of Ron Perlman, the guy is a total legend and always good to watch, appearing in one of my all time favourite movies, Blade II, and one of my favourite TV shows, Sons of Anarchy.

Ron Perlman, looking utterly badass as Clay in Sons of Anarchy

But this week I got another reason to love the dude, someone tweeted about Perlman having done a Make a Wish Foundation visit to a little kid who wanted to meet Hellboy, the character Perlman played in two ace movies.

Now, long-time readers will know that nothing warms my heart like a story involving sick children and superheroes, here are exhibits A and B.

It helps that I totally love Perlman’s work in the Hellboy movies, which I really loved. I especially liked the character- this rash, bighearted lug who looks like a monster but acts like a teenage boy.

Awkward? Not thinking things through? Trying to be a good guy but mainly making a mess? Fancying Selma Blair? I could relate, or rather, its how I like to see myself, although I fear I’m probably closer to the fancying Selma Blair part not the heroic attributes.

The gorgeous Selma Blair

Anyway, this kid, Zachary, aged 6, who’s undergoing treatment for leukemia made the wish and so Perlman decided to make the trip to see him and underwent the 4 hour make up transformation. Which is a totally awesome thing to do, and a massive effort to make for someone.

Apparently he hung out with the kid, who was delighted and even gave him a HB makeover. Its a lovely thing for Perlman to have done and its increased my affection and respect for the dude. Also, I think its further evidence, if any were needed, that the Make A Wish foundation is a really great idea and does great work in raising the spirits of these kids who have had a rough time of it.

Zachary gets to hang out with Hellboy. Awesome.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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