You win this round, faceless machines!

I’ve written before about my dislike and distrust of automated checkouts (see here). They’re annoying, don’t work properly and are replacing real people in a way I don’t particularly like.

Granted, my distrust of machines is eased every time they show how useless they are. I mean, if they get confused when I put my bag down I’m fairly sure it’ll be a good long while before I have to tool up and go all John Connor on them.

I still haven’t seen this all the way through, but Bale definitely looks the part as the leader of the human resistance.

Although, they could be playing the long game and deliberately trying to frustrate us. Hmm.

But today the machines scored a victory. Yes, I emerged unharmed but they wounded me through embarrassment.

I was picking up a few magazines and there was a bit of a queue at the normal tills, which were being manned by a very frazzled looking bloke. Annoyingly, the machine couldn’t recognize my bag and so he had to come over and sort it out before I could scan my magazines through.

Beep- Time magazine, I like to stay kind of informed and I find Time does this quite well and is a good read.

Beep- Tattoo Energy– with a free issue of Tattoo Collection. I’ve been thinking about a fourth tattoo and so I’m scouting for inspiration.

Beep- Total Film.

At which point there’s an alert sound and the cold, computer voice squawks loudly that age verification is needed.

I can feel everyone looking at me. I glance down at the magazine I’ve just scanned, have I picked up Busty Asian Beauties by mistake or something? No, staring up at me were Sly, JCVD and Arnie.

Adults only?

I’ve been reading film magazines for years, and there’s never been anything in any of them that I’d say is adults only. I mean, Total Film is a quality, respectable mag, right? What the hell am I getting ID’d for?

I started to feel a bit embarrassed, I knew everyone was looking at me and probably thinking “I wonder what the perv’s buying?” and I felt seriously uncomfortable, part of me wanted to turn and yell “Its just Total Film, its not smut, honest!”

Damn you, machines! Damn you to hell!

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO

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