Stat attack/New Records

Today’s jog didn’t get off to a great start, I ran about 3 minutes and had to turn around because I’d forgotten something.
So this meant I ran the same stretch twice and had to pause my workout so I could grab the thing.
Coupled with the fact that, after almost 400k of running and hours of general wear, my trainers are starting to get a little frayed and have rubbed the heel of both feet raw. Come next payday I think I’ll have to fork out for 2 new pairs of trainers- one for running and one for everyday use.
So, early on I resigned myself to the fact it wasn’t gonna be a great run and just tried to enjoy myself and the gloriously sunny weather.
Well, it turned out I was wrong and it turned out to be my best run so far. Other than a twinge in my left leg that I’ve had the last few runs, I felt pretty good, even managing to belt out the chorus to Nickelback’s “Rockstar” at around the 40 minute mark.
I can really feel my fitness improving and next week I move on to 55 minute runs.
I was a little surprised that I managed to cover 7.5k today, which meant it was my biggest distance so far, and it turned out it wasn’t the only new personal best I set today. I also managed to improve my speed, shaving seconds off my PBs in 3 different distances:
20 seconds off best km.
9 seconds off best 5k.
4 seconds off best mile.
As you can imagine, I’m feeling pretty psyched now. And stinky, time to hit the shower.
Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO

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