Older but not wiser

Today is my 27th birthday.

It’s also a run day, so eager to get back for cards, presents and a meal out with my family, I decided not to do a 50min run and instead just to try and do a short 5k to see if I could set a new personal best.

I did 5k in 35mins 10secs a while ago and haven’t been able to beat it. Due to the fact I run for longer times it’s unlikely I’d set a new one as I can’t go all out as if I do set a new best there’s still around 15 minutes to go and I’ll be fried for that.

So, my idea was that every fortnight instead of doing a timed run I’ll do a distance one and be able to really push for a good time. This would be my first attempt.

And it was  bloody disaster.

I started off and went full tilt, which was incredibly stupid, especially given that I’m staying at my Mum’s (for my birthday and eurovision) so I was doing the annoying run which isn’t on level ground and because it was ridiculously hot.

I over cooked the start and so by the time I reached the 1.5k mark I was out of gas. I’d knackered myself out completely and had to stop, because I felt my legs were going to give out.

11 minutes of running and then I was done in.


Although it was nice of the PTB to teach me humility- I may be fitter now than when I was when I turned 26, but I still have a ways to go.

I’ll have another crack at the 5k time next week and pace myself better, maybe run the first 4k as normal and then speed up for the finish, but today I came home feeling a little angry, but being the birthday boy made this pass.

Anyway, this has sod all to do with what I’ve written about, but it made me smile.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO

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