Elect-ile Dysfunction

Around the time of the last general election here in the UK I was pretty harsh in my view on non-voters.

I pretty much said that not voting was a horrible waste of democratic rights, and an insult to all those who have, or are, fighting and dying for democracy and freedom.

So, its with quite a bit of shame that I have to admit that today, in the local council elections, I didn’t vote.

I’m not going to defend this by pointing out that they’re not as important as the general elections. Neither am I going to go with the traditional “I didn’t have time” excuse which is b*****ks (polls are open from 7am til 10pm, so if you work I’m fairly sure you can vote before or after work, if you don’t work, turn off The Jeremy Kyle Show and vote).

No, I will stand up and take 50% of the blame in not voting. The other 50% lies with the stupid electoral commision.

Here’s the thing. I realised I wasn’t registered to vote. I’d forgotten all about it when I moved, and it was only when no polling card arrived at my mum’s house, and I saw an advert on TV that I realised I needed to register my change of address.

Luckily, the advert said that you could do it online. Result!

So, I fired up the laptop some three days before the deadline, filled in the forms online and clicked “done”.

Then the website told me to print off what they’d e-mail me and send it in.

I’m sorry, what?

Someone needs to explain what “do it online” means to these people. Their system is not “online”, it is “by post”, with the added annoyance that you have to pay for the form to send in by having to print it off yourself

I don’t own a printer. And I wasn’t going to have time to go to the library or my Mum’s to use one before the deadline.

And that is why I didn’t or rather couldn’t vote today.

Thank you stupid government website for making me waste my democratic right and making me into a hypocrite.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO


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