Good Run

Yesterday I had a great run.

Although, thinking about it, most of my runs are quite good. There have been a few where I’ve struggled, but even with driving rain I always get home feeling quite pumped up and good about myself.

If you’d told me a year ago that I’d be running every other day and actually enjoying it, I’d have called you crazy, but I do.

I like that I get some time to myself, gets the blood pumping and gives me a bit of a buzz. Its also really good for clearing my head and getting in some quality daydreaming.

Anyway, yesterday followed the usual running day routine-

Get up, drink some water and check Twitter. I may have to ditch the Twitter part, as much as I enjoy catching up with the world, it gives Lazy Chris an opportunity to try and lure me to stay in bed, reading various news stories and the fact I follow a couple of pornstars means that LC gets to appeal to my baser instincts.

But I usually manage to shake him off, and being Lazy, he gives up quite easily and I get going and hit the road.

Luckily the gods of running were smiling on me, and despite a bit of rain it felt brilliant. All the lights were green and so I didn’t lose any time. I really got into it and wasn’t even keeping track of my time.

Recently, due to the lights and other stuff I haven’t managed to improve on getting 6.77km done a few weeks back, and while I still enjoy the runs it is a little disheartening to constantly be performing worse than you know you can.

But yesterday, I really got going and when I checked my time on the return trip I realised I was probably going to set a new time by a few metres anyway, but as I’d passed the 45 minute mark feeling extremely good I put my head down and really pushed for the last few minutes, coming in with a new best of 6.88km, which I was extremely chuffed with.

I was feeling extremely happy and on a bit of a high, and while seeing the events at the end impacted it a little (see yesterday’s post) I still felt pretty awesome and feel good today.

I couldn’t figure it out, I couldn’t think of anything that was different yesterday than on any previous run.

But then I realised there was. I’d tied my hair back.

Earlier this week I had one of the rare occasions when I have to smarten up and bought some bobbles to tie my hair back. So, yesterday I decided that I’d tie my hair back to stop it getting in my eyes and mouth, which is a pain in the arse. Anyway, could the ponytail be the key to my running powers?

I have no idea, but I think I’ll keep going with tying my hair back. If its good enough for Steven Seagal, its good enough for me.

I’m hoping that next week when I have more time I can run around the bay, and maybe even break the 7km mark.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO


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