Pic Post: Sarky teachers, clever beggars and aspirational clothing

Strapped for time today, so not a regular post, just a collection of funny little pictures that caught my eye and I saved on the laptop. Yes, this is essentially a way for me to free up some memory space. Anyway, normal service will return tomorrow but here you go.

Great Teacher Comeback 1

Idiotic kid puts down daft answer, teacher comes in with a cracking response.

Beggar’s Belief

I have nothing against beggars, but the “I need 40p to use a phone” schtick that they use in Swansea is tired, come on folks, make an effort. So, when I stumbled across this picture I was very impressed.

Well done, that man!

Hell, I’d have gone to the cash machine to give him something.

Clothing Tip

Great Teacher Comeback 2

I admire the kid’s nerve and cheekiness, but its the teacher’s no-nonsense comeback that makes this great.

Cats vs Sharks

No, not an extremely one sided sequel to Alien vs Predator, but this rather funny little thing.

Batman quoting Sean Bean= Instant classic.

Made me chuckle and the best example of the “One does not simply…” meme.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO

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