This is slightly icky, but here we go-

Sometimes, after a run, I like to not shower for a bit.

I’m not entirely sure when this peculiar, solitary pleasure began, but I do enjoy it, let me explain-

I’m a cleanish-bloke, other than at festivals or when the water breaks, I shower every day, I like having a long hot shower, its refreshing and makes you feel better after.

Even if there isn’t a shower I’ll fall back on one of the other types of bathing- in the style of whores or Irishmen.

Whore’s bath– Quick wash over sink with soapy water, hitting the key areas (face, pits and nethers). So-named because I assume this is the way whores would wash between customers.

Irishman’s bath– Spraying oneself liberally with aftershave/deoderant. Guessing the name comes from the fact old aftershaves/perfumes were alcohol-based and draws on the stereotype of the drunken Irishman. If this is wrong, I apologise, but given the plethora of xenophobic/racist idioms still in use, this is my best guess.

Anyway, the thing is, when I get back from a run I know I’m a little whiffy. I appreciate this fact, and guess its not pleasant for others, but my housemates are usually out or I’m in my room, so I don’t think it matters that much.

Also, when I say “a bit” we’re talking an hour, tops.

But, I really do enjoy these brief periods of resembling Pigpen.

I’m not sure why, I think its because I feel oddly proud of the sweatiness. I’ve earned this dishevelled, slightly smelly state, its the product of effort and exercise.

So, I grab some water, get something to munch on, update my Nike+ profile and maybe check some tweets before I hop in a hot shower.

Then I have a long hot soak and clean myself up.

Is this weird? Or do other people kind of enjoy their hard earned stench?

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO

One thought on “Stinky

  1. I don’t smell after a run lol but I don’t usually shower right after even though I know I should.. all that sweat, probably not good just seeping back into the skin. I usually eat, watch tv, do some face booking, clean a bit maybe… when I feel there is nothing else to do..THEEEN I shower or take a bath lol.. whatever! 😀

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