Superhero Commuting

Next time you’re stuck in traffic on a bus, or even in your own car, here’s a tip for how to pass the time.

Think about how you’d make the journey if you were a superhero.

I regularly do this, space out and imagine how much easier my life would be if I’d been born a mutant or exposed to cosmic rays.

The trick is you have to think about the ones that take a little bit of effort, so flying is pretty much out, its just too easy. You want one that’d be cool, quicker and gives you something to plan about. Here are the top 5 superhero traveling methods I’d use to get about if I could:

5. Rooftop Gymnastics

As used by: Several heroes, most notably Batman and Daredevil.

Running across rooftops, leaping between buildings, swinging across the streets and using your surroundings to get about. Ideal for the mean streets of Gotham or Hell’s Kitchen, but Swansea’s short on the tall buildings and the streets are quite wide so this probably wouldn’t work.

4. Leaping

As used by: The Hulk

Big, bounding leaps to get where you need to go, with the advantage of squishing things on your way.

3. Spot

As used by: Second string Spidey villain The Spot

The spot can make wormholes and pass through them. This is quite fun and means you can give his fights with Spidey oddly surrealistic moments.

Why are you hitting yourself? gets a new twist

It’d also be a cool way to cross town, popping up here and there, to grab something and then moving on.

2. BAMF-ing

As used by: Nightcrawler

Similar to the Spot’s way of getting about, but cooler as you get to leave massive clouds of smoke everywhere.

Not included here, but the sound effect when he teleports is "Bamf!"

Also, you get to bounce around everywhere and works as a bus distraction as you can think about where you’d jump to next.

1. Web-slinging and Wall-crawling

As used by: Spiderman


Similar to the rooftop gymnastics, but cooler because you can also stick to walls. You could hitch rides on vehicles as well as swinging, jumping and somersaulting your way across town.

Wall crawling

Hmm, I really need to learn to drive. Or get some new headphones.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. LLAP


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