Holy Good Deeds, Batman!

A few weeks ago there was one of those “And finally…” stories about a guy dressed as Batman getting pulled over by cops in America. He apparently didn’t have legal license plates on, having replaced them with ones with the Bat-symbol on, or as they’d probably call them in the Adam West show “Batplates”.

And that was that, a weird little news story, odd but nothing more to see.

But then more came to light about this real life caped crusader.

It turned out he was a businessman called Lenny Robinson, who gives up his own free time to visit ill children in hospital, dressed as the dark knight, and handing out toys and stuff.

I can only imagine the delight that the kids get when they see Batman showing up. It probably takes their mind off their illnesses and gives them a little bit of a lift.

One of the best charity ideas I’ve heard of is the Make A Wish Foundation, where kids get a chance to do amazing things, or get visited by their heroes- pop stars, wrestlers etc.

Apparently back in the day, the legend that is Mr T used to do this kind of visit. Luckily, I’ve never had a serious illness, but if I had been one of those unfortunate kids, having Mr T come in would’ve been awesome. I mean, hell, if I got sick now, having him visit would be amazing.

Also, rather touchingly, I once read that when Mr T had his own struggle with cancer a few years ago he recieved countless messages of support, from fans all over the world, including some of the kids he’d actually visited.

Now, if that doesn’t melt your heart, well, you’re dead inside. And I pity you. Fool!

So Lenny Robinson is one of my everyday heroes. And Mr T? Well, he’s always been my hero.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO


One Comment on “Holy Good Deeds, Batman!”

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