Inked 2/3

Okay, just to clarify, the title uses the slash as “or” so its “2 or 3” not “two thirds“.

The reason for the confusion is all down to me, see back in October I wrote a post about my tattoos which I called “Inked”, but it was about my first two tattoos, so when I sat down to write about getting my third tat I was a bit puzzled. Is this “Inked 2” as its a sequel to the post? Or is it “Inked 3” because its about my 3rd tattoo? If you have an opinion on this please post a comment below because otherwise everytime I get a tattoo (more on that later) I’ll have to put up fractions in the title and then waste the first 100 words or so explaining the title.

Anyway, I’d decided to get my 3rd tattoo done on Saturday because the State of Art tattoo parlour was running a fundraiser for Blood Bikes.

The idea was that you’d pay £20 for a tattoo that took an hour or less and all the cash would go towards the Blood Bikes, a volunteer organisation that works with the NHS, transporting blood and other medical items quickly.

Its a great cause, and helps save lives, so I felt inspired to help out, as well as being able to get a tattoo for a great price (its usually about £50 an hour). So yes, there was a bit of a selfish motivation in there, but it was mainly the helping a good cause thing.

What to get though? That was the question.

I settled on two magpies on my arm. Why magpies?

  1. I like magpies, they look quite cool.
  2. I’m a little superstitious about magpies and the old nursery rhyme says “two for joy” so this is kind of like a lucky charm (more on my superstitions here)

I got the two of them sitting on a wire, looking in opposite directions. You could say that this is them looking back at the luck/joy I’ve had in the past and looking into what’s yet to come, or as a play on Odin’s Thought and Memory ravens.

Anyway, here’s the tattoo, which I think is pretty cool and simple.

I like it, but it does look a little like they've had a falling out.

On leaving the shop I had the same thought I’ve had after all 3, will I get another tattoo. I’ve used up both of my upper arms (well, a big chunk anyway, I suppose I could get stuff around them) and my left forearm, but as evidenced by the heavily tattooed bloke who came in after me, there’s still a lot of canvas to work with.

I probably will get more, although at the moment I’m not sure what. Also, I may try and get a bit of colour in the next one. I like my tattoos, but they’re all black and grey, so maybe its time to brighten it up a little.

Man, tattoo for charity, running for charity, doing a play as a favour to my parents- I have been a good boy this weekend, and it means that I can spend the rest of this week off work relaxing in selfish indulgence without any guilt.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO


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