What dreams may come

This is one of those posts that as I sit down to write it I think to myself, “My mum reads this.” I then debate whether or not to press on with what I’m about to write. Well, I can’t think of anything else thats occupied my thoughts today, so I’m going to have to write this one. Sorry, mum.

I had a sex dream last night.

I have these from time to time, and for the most part they largely serve to aid my subconscious’ continuing campaign to mess with me.

Its never Rihanna, Lady Gaga or Nigella Lawson who feature in my dreams, or if they do, my subconscious decides to inject some realism by having the encounter be incredibly embarrassing or my advances being rebuffed.

"Not even in your dreams, loser!"

Anyway, this time my dream lover was a work colleague. Now, the lady in question is lovely, and I get on well with her, but I wouldn’t say I fancy her, I’m not repulsed by her either. In my league table of coworkers ranking them by order of how much I’d like to sleep with them, she’s somewhere in the middle. Like a Fulham of attractiveness.

That might sound horribly chauvinistic, but I have been single for a long time, my job is immensely boring and I’m a compulsive list maker. I also have a list of coworkers in the order of who I’d Stone Cold Stunner first.


The problem is I woke up feeling awkward and guilty about the fact I’d dreamt about her. While at uni I had several dreams about a female friend, who I did, briefly have a mini-crush on, but remember feeling the same then. The next time I’d see her I’d feel really bad, and I’m not looking forward to my next shift with this lady.

I know, of course, I have nothing to feel bad about. It was merely a dream, and didn’t really happen. And the dream wasn’t dodgy or perverse in any way, just regular sex.

I am not in control of my dreams, sadly, as I’m sure I could have salvaged the Nigella situation and made that sleepy story far more satisfying.

My dastardly id knows how to cause me doubt and guilt, and once again has played a blinder. Damn you, id!

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO


One Comment on “What dreams may come”

  1. themadgayman says:

    I’ve had similar dreams. Usually, it isn’t sexy times though… it’s usually “I hate your face” times. Go deeper into the dream and see if you can understand why it was her, or why you feel guilty. Your subconscious is giving you this dream to help with another, deeper pressing issue. At the same time, don’t feel guilty. It’s a dream!

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