“Can I put you through on one of these?”

“Umm, sure” I said.

What I thought was- What the hell are you doing? You’re a shop assistant and you’re actively showing people to the self-checkout.

You’re speeding up the process that will eventually make jobs like yours redundant!

She showed me how to use it as well, like I was an idiot or an old person who’s mind couldn’t possibly comprehend such technological wonders.

I watched as she scanned through my items (Classic Rock magazine and a tattoo mag) cheerfully assisting the cold machinery which would replace her.

If the machines ever rise, this is the kind of person who’ll help them as they roll over humanity.

It starts with a few self service checkouts, but we all know where its heading.

People who dust their screens, turn them off and on again after a glitch and so on.

Was she aware of the fact she was helping the enemy? Or like a French person during WW2 was she merely trying to get by?

All I know is, when we finally topple our mechanical oppressors people like this will probably have their heads shaved and be hounded from the towns. Like what happened to Gail Porter.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO


3 Comments on “Quisling”

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