Book Review: More Awkward Situations For Men by Danny Wallace

I’m a big fan of Danny Wallace.

He comes across as being a really likeable, decent sort of chap, someone you’d quite like to have a pint with and just chat away.

I’ve read most of his books and thoroughly enjoyed them all, due to Wallace’ natural niceness and wit in retelling his anecdotes. His book Join Me is fantastic, and he winds up setting up a cult, the major aim of is to perform random acts of kindness on Fridays. I’ve joined and do try to perform these Good Fridays, although let the record show I try and do good deeds on the other 6 days of the week as well.

And his book Yes Man is an entertaining, inspiring story about the good things that can happen when you take chances and embrace new things.

This book is the sequel to Awkward Situations For Men, and like the original is a collection of short anecdotes about misunderstandings, awkwardness, manners and neuroses.

Its a book that’s ideal for dipping in and out of, picking it up when you have a few minutes to kill, reading on a bus, while having a coffee, whatever. Or as I’ve been doing, listening to the audio book when I’ve got a short journey to make.

It appeals to me, especially because I’m guilty of the same kind of overthinking as Wallace, reading too much into everyday situations and worrying about causing offence or appearing rude.

I’m not as nice, though, as you can probably tell from my posts about my interactions with the general public.

Verdict: A good, light read. Wallace is a funny, charming storyteller. Highly entertaining. 7/10

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO


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