Is this really worth 5000 words? A picture post

Okay, this blog is kind of lazy and mainly born out of the fact I worked a night shift last night and have had like 2 1/2 hours sleep, so can’t really focus on anything more rigorous.

In my many hours of internet surfing I regularly stumble across pictures that I find cool, funny or just plain weird, and I save a fair few, thinking maybe one day I can use this in a blog or something, so today I’m clearing out a bit and going with five pictures I have saved.

1. The Most Bizarrely Detailed, Surreal Headline Ever

That’s a lot of information to give in a headline, although, I must admit I do want to read more.

2. Tattoo 1- Stupid

Tattoos hurt, they cost money and they last forever. Why then would you get something this dull and inane inked into you?

Guy must love tomato sauce

3. Tattoo 2- Stupid but funny

This really works, but is it me or are the guy’s nipples freakishly small?

4. Best sign based comeback ever?

5. How not to conceal your crazy jealous side.

If this is fake, don’t tell me, I’d rather live with the legend

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO

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