Chris Comes Alive

Okay, best live bands was trending yesterday on Twitter and so I decided to do my top 5. Here we go:

5. Airbourne

Hard rocking Australian band who have a wonderfully old school feel. Saw them at Download 2010 where their guitarist climbed up onto the structure of the stage. Some 30 feet above the crowd it was immense.

4. Bowling For Soup

Humorous pop punk. Lead singer Jaret Reddick has easy charm and there’s goofy humour throughout making for an extremely fun live experience.

3. Alice Cooper

One of rock’s great showmen, Cooper’s concert are overblown extravaganzas with fantastic sets, humour and lashings of fake blood. Utterly captivating.

2. Motorhead

The first band I saw three times. Lemmy has great stage presence and they rattle through their fast based material in a no nonsense, heads down way. Brilliant, no frills rock ‘n’ roll.


I saw KISS when they headlined Download 2008 and they were phenomenal. Great, anthemic tracks all performed with a polished, theatrical flair. Pyrotechnics, fire breathing, flying over the crowd. Seriously, its a marvellous, utterly entertaining spectacle and if you ever get the chance to see KISS live seize it with both hands.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. TTFN


2 Comments on “Chris Comes Alive”

  1. Troy Hoyt says:

    I’ve seen KISS four times, the first being in 1990, in Providence Rhode Island. This was during their Hot In the Shade tour. Even without makeup, or the original lineup, it was basically a religious experience. Their mere presence, combined with the stage show, which every rock show of the past forty years has been based upon is an experience which defies explanation.
    I saw them twice on the reunion tour, in Toronto in 1996, and Vancouver in 1997. I never dreamed I would ever have the opportunity to see Paul, Gene, Ace, and, Peter together live, and in makeup… but, I did, and for that, I am so extremely thankful.
    The last time I saw KISS, was in my hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia. It was an outdoor concert, where they played to a sold-out audience of over 81,000. To be there was one of the most magical nights of my life, and something I will never forget.
    They truly are the masters of the medium that is live rock n’ roll.
    While they can still easily out do performers a third their age, the end has to be drawing near. Many people, including Gene Simmons himself feel that rock n’ roll is dead. While the genre is definitely on life support, it’s heart still has a strong beat, and that beat is KISS. I’m afraid however, that when Paul and Gene finally hang up the platform boots, and take off the makeup for the last time, that heart will stop completely. As the roadies dismantle that famous stage for the last time, and that last screw is removed… It will bring the proverbial curtain down on what Bill Haley, Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, and so many others pioneered, almost seventy years earlier.
    Thank you, KISS.
    Thank you for giving the world another twenty years of rock n’ roll. For without you, my daughter’s generation would likely have never known the thrilling, rich experience that a live rock show truly is… but only when it’s done right.

    • chrisebpage says:

      Thanks for the comment. Not sure I agree with KISS’ demise signaling the end of rock ‘n’ roll, I just think it will signal that one age has passed and another begun. I’m sure there were some folks who were writing rock ‘n’ roll’s obituaries when Buddy Holly died or Elvis left the building for the last time, or at various dates in it’s history. In my opinion rock ‘n’ roll can’t be killed, it just adapts and evolves, you might not like what it morphs into, but as long as there are kids wanting to pick up a guitar and start a band it will keep going, we’ll just call it something different.

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