Lacking Direction

Often, when the day is getting on and I’m at a loss for something to write here I’ll fire up my iPod or mobile and check what’s trending on Twitter, to see what’s going on and maybe to do a second “on trend” post.

However, the last few times I’ve done this I’ve noticed a worrying phenomenon.

One Direction fans.

For those lucky enough not to know, One Direction are a boyband. They were formed on the X Factor a year ago and are essentially 5 lads who didn’t have the talent to progress in the competition as solo artists and were thrown together as a boyband. Who didn’t win.

Since then they’ve entered the rather barren boyband market and become the major one at the moment.

I have nothing against them, they’re just another bland boyband and their first song “What Makes You Beautiful” wasn’t really that bad. Sure, it was a little cheesy and it seemed to rip off “Summer Nights” from Grease, but it was quite sweet.

Then it hit heavy rotation, and that killed it for me. Nothing ruins a rather naff pop song than hearing it ten times every day.

Sure, it made me feel old to have reached the stage where members of a boyband looked like children to me, and the fact that one of them had shacked up with Caroline Flack was irritating, but I bore them no ill will.

Caroline Flack

But their fans? That’s another story.

They’ve taken over Twitter. Every time I check what’s trending the first 3 have pictures and amazingly the faces of the five muppets crop up. It seems that almost any topic can be tied back to One Direction. These crazy women are obsessed with them. Its genuinely unsettling. I’ve never been that fixated on something that I’ve linked it to everything that happens.

Here are a few examples:

On “3 Words That Women Hate”- I hate 1D.

On the subject of “I do not understand” they expressed disbelief some people said the blonde one was ugly. He’s not ugly. He just looks like one of the kids from Midwich and that’s just creepy.

They’ve also taken “things that annoy me” and complained that people spell Zane’s name wrong. I don’t know which one is Zane but is that really worth getting annoyed about? I mean, sure its probably a pain for him but what possible difference does it make to them. (I realise the hypocrisy here given some of the rants I’ve made in the past on a variety of trivial topics)

I’ve just searched for “1D” and the result is a depressing insight into the minds of teenage girls. I’m sure back in the day girls were probably just as obsessed with Take That, Boyzone or Busted, but back then they kept it to specific areas- scrawled on school books, posters on their bedroom walls and screaming outside of BBC Television Centre.

I’ve never understood this kind of thing. I used to quite like S Club 7, but had I been confronted with Hannah I wouldn’t have screeched my head off. I’d probably just have stood there, struck dumb by shyness and desire.

Everyone used to bang on about Rachel Stevens, but I always preferred Hannah

Teenage girls are notorious for being over emotional. That’s not sexism, that’s a legitimate finding based on empirical evidence gathered by living with three of them.

But as mental as my sisters were, and how intense their crushes were they never descended into this kind of insanity.

God help these poor girls who clog up Twitter. They get so incensed over spelling or someone daring to disagree with them on the attractiveness of the blonde one. I can only imagine that when One Direction implode their tiny little worlds will crumble, leaving them empty shells.

Although, when confronted with footage of sobbing teenagers I’ll view it with complete and utter dibelief and annoyance.

I remember even at the tender age of 10, when I was a much nicer person I sat on my sofa watching Newsround and listening to them discuss the fact that the Samaritans had put on extra staff to deal with the distraught Take That fans, and my young mind thought a cleaner version of “Would you look at these idiotic f#####s!”

Is there some reason why teenage girls get this obsessed with boybands? Was it ever thus, from Elvis onwards?  Or is it getting worse, are today’s teenagers lamer than those of the past, or is it just that they have more outlets to express their obsessions.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. TTFN.


2 Comments on “Lacking Direction”

  1. I think it has always been thus with teenage girls. I know that sounds terrible, but it’s true and understandable. They’re going through a rough time, lots of chemicals running around (and that’s even if you’re not on drugs), physical changes, and “Discovering” boys (wasn’t aware we were hiding), and they latch onto something that makes them feel special.

    Now the scary ones you should really be asking about, is the Moms. If men got half as obsessed about younger girls as these women do about these younger men in say 1D or Twilight…well, we all know what they’d be called. And those ladies are worse than their daughters. Seriously. Scary.

  2. […] understand the most is their cult-like devotion to their crushes. I’ve written about them before but again here I’m talking about the fans of the boyband One […]

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