When I was 26 it was a fairly good year

Okay, so its New Year’s Eve and that means you do one of two things, you either go out and get mashed or you don’t make a big deal out of it. As you can probably tell from the fact I’m blogging in the evening I’m not making a big deal out of it. I’m actually just sitting here, watching Bones and having a few ciders.

But it being New Year’s I have been a bit introspective today and thought back over the last 12 months.

Globally its been a pretty busy year- high profile marriages, divorces and deaths, scandals, earthquakes, a nuclear meltdown scare.

And on a more personal level its been quite a big one.

In January I moved out of my parents’ house and in with Llyw, this was a big step for me and the new start allowed me to approach life in  a different way and the walks to work started my improvement in health and fitness.

Living and talking with Llyw also led me to go on a trip to Morocco via France and Spain in March (read all about it on my old blog). Aside from a financial snafu the trip was a roaring success and I really loved it, it totally gave me the travelling bug and confidence that I can just about survive on my own in a foreign country. I will definitely go on a few more trips in the future.

My second international jaunt and visit to a third continent in July, when I spent 3 brilliant weeks in Sri Lanka. Which you can read about in great length on another abandoned blog (I seem to leave a trail of dead blogs in my wake).

In August I came back from Sri Lanka and had to say goodbye to Rich, who was moving to China. This was a bit crap, as it was one of my best mates moving away.

On top of this Llyw announced a plan to move in with Zoe. I must admit at this point I turned into a moping git and I’m surprised that Llyw kept his cool with me for so long, because I must have been a nightmare to live with. The fact that two of my best friends were moving on with their lives meant that I felt even worse about being in a bit of a rut.

It just seemed to highlight the fact that my life wasn’t moving on and I wasn’t. I’m not a dude prone to downward spirals but I have to admit, frustration and a little bit of emo-ness took over for a bit. But after a few frank words exchanged with Llyw I decided to try moving on and improving my outlook.

Luckily for me, I’m incredibly shallow and it didn’t take long for me to recover.

Helping in this was the fact that due to moving out I had to take action and make more of an effort. Also my sister’s wedding and the drinking that following it gave me and Llyw a chance to just hang out and have a laugh, which got rid of some of the tension.

Also, the wedding was just such a beautiful day and it just raised my spirits a lot.

Following the move my spirits did lift. Having to try a bit harder helped a lot as did a bit of flirting with a girl (which didn’t end that well, but served as a confidence booster nonetheless).

Starting jogging also seemed to have a positive effect on me, I felt better in myself and also gave me something to do other than sitting around watching the Discovery channel in my pajamas.

Then just before Christmas I had a fantastic night out with my boys Llyw and Dan. It was really good and fun, a little heavy on man-hugs but the vibe was good and it was cool to catch up, share a few laughs and get steaming on vodka.

Even better news followed on Christmas Eve when Llyw and Zoe got engaged which means in 2012 I get to give my new fancy duds a second run out, although they may be too big by then (fingers crossed) and I’ll get to go to my first ever stag party, which should be awesome, as long as we don’t get hammered and lose Llyw.

Christmas 2011 turned out to be one of the best one in years despite having to work in the night and I’m feeling pretty good tonight.

So all in all 2011 was a pretty good year, although I intend to make 2012 even better.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. LLAP


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