Inkdecision (sorry)

I’m working this afternoon but before that I’m doing my almost daily ritual of watching the Ink shows on DMAX, there are 4 of these shows that I love watching (in order of preference- LA, New York, Miami, London). The shows have a simple premise, people come in and get tats done and give the stories behind them and then crack on with, and then there’s a bit of drama between the tattooists.

Its fascinating to watch, some of the stories behind the tats are really interesting and its also just compelling to watch the tats getting done, as there’s real artistry involved.

And there’s also usually some tattooed lovelies involved, like the super hot Kat Von D.

The problem is every time I watch I start thinking about what tattoo I’m going to get next. Quite frequently I’ll come up with an idea for a tat but I want something that (a) looks good and (b) means something to me.

I’m happy with my first 2 tats (which you can see here) and still think they’re good ideas. Snaggletooth looks badass and I love Motorhead, and I like the quote, I think its in a good place and I also have the meaning behind it, which helps to inspire me.

So I’ve set up a new rule whereby I have to think the tat’s a good idea for at least a month. This will avoid any massive mistakes, as will having no money, seriously if I won the lottery I’d probably end up covered in tats, mainly of daft things.

Anyway, here are a few of the tats I’ve considered getting in the past:

Red Dragon/Oriental Style Dragon

The first tattoo I planned on getting was a Welsh dragon, but luckily I was talked out of this as they are quite chavvy. However, I recently thought it might be quite cool to get an Asian style dragon, in the same pose as the Welsh dragon. I like this idea for 3 reasons- Its Welsh, dragons are cool and it’d also be like Mushu from the Disney flick Mulan.

Smiley Face

I remember thinking a simple smiley face might be a good idea, I can’t remember when and I’ve changed my mind since, although a small smiley face might serve to keep me happy.


Rejected this idea because its extremely girly, but it was inspired by the movie The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button where the character Captain Mike (Jared Price) has one and talks about how a hummingbird’s wings move in a figure eight, the symbol of infinity. It was on a night shift, so I use that as an excuse.

Celtic Cross

I wanted something a bit more Welsh-ish and decided on a Celtic design, but I don’t think I’d go for a cross now, due to that not really being my belief. But I still like the idea of a Celtic tattoo getting done.

Hunter S. Thompson Quote

This was one I had ages ago and am still kind of tempted to get, its a simple HST quote that I want to get done in the splattery writing style from the Steadman work and get it done on my right forearm.

Tribal Sleeve

A brief fleeting, drunk idea that soon passed when I realised that I’m not a member of a tribe and getting it would be daft.

Bishop’s “M” Tat

This was a drunk idea, slightly worse for wear and seeing an X-Men book lying around I decided that it would be a good idea to get a copy of the time-travelling mutant’s tat. Luckily I sobered up and realised that getting a tattoo on my face would be daft. That and I’m not, as much as I wish I was, a mutant superhero.

Bill Hicks Quote

I love Hicks’ work, the guy was incredibly funny and smart. The tat I want is from the Revelations show and comes from a fantastic speech about the meaning of life. The full bit is here (under the Revelations section) but what I want to get is just a simple “Its just a ride”.


Thought of this mid-jog the other day, maybe due to lack of oxygen reaching my brain, but I quite liked the idea because “Nothing stops the Juggernaut” and while the character’s largely a tool, I quite like his relentless pursuit of goals.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. TTFN

Listened to today: All I’ve listened to today is Katy Perry music as MTV Hits was doing a compilation of her stuff. I have to say I can’t think of a KP song I don’t like. Will have to get her album. Don’t judge me.


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