Itchy Feet

Its been a good day, I bought comics, had a Subway and spent my evening chilling out with a couple of beers. I got talking to my housemate and once again my desire to travel is starting to smoulder.

Ian, my housemate has done the year long work-holiday visa for Australia, something that I’ve looked into before and which looks super cool. His stories of drinking and hostel life have really reignited my wish to go there, and its now joint favourite for a major excursion.

Australia has long been high on my list of dream destinations, I’ve yet to hear anyone who’s been there slag it off and I’d love to see the amazing wildlife. Also, Aussies seem to like a party and it’d be good to have a year of partying and socialising.

The other is to teach English in Japan, this mainly caused by the fact that Japan seems like a fascinating, if extremely bizarre place. Also, I watched The Last Samurai this week.

Japan looks completely fascinating, I’d like to investigate things like martial arts, manga and to see if that rumour about the pantie vending machines is true. Also, I’d quite like to wander around the Blade Runner-esque streets of Tokyo.

I’d love to travel for an extended period of time, jack my job in, spend a few months, maybe even a year abroad. Trying out new things and meeting interesting people. Having to live completely in a different society with its own customs.

So that’s the choice, Japan vs Australia.

Sorry for the briefness of this post, but I really struggled to come up with something I was in the mood to write about until around 11:45, giving me just 15 minutes to knock this one up to maintain my postaday record.

Any thoughts, you know what to do? TTFN.


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