You Can’t See Me

No, not a blog about the wrestler John Cena.

As a comic book geek I’ve spent far too much time thinking about which superhero’s powers I’d want, here’s the top 5:

1. Wolverine

2. Thor

3. Superman

4. Green Lantern

5. Spiderman

But today I decided I wouldn’t mind having the powers of Sue Storm aka The Invisible Woman.

The reason for this was that this morning I went for my run slightly later than normal so there were more people about, and this made me feel pretty insecure. Usually I pass maybe one or two people, and that’s it, but today I passed all sorts- white van men, dog walkers, people just walking and worst of all, two attractive home-care nurses.

I felt awful, I can only imagine I looked in a proper state, jogging along, huffing and puffing, my manaries jiggling.

If they weren’t already flushed from the exercise I’m sure my cheeks would’ve blushed bright red.

I kept going past them, keeping my eyes on the floor in front of me.

They probably didn’t notice, or think twice about it, but it bothered me. This is the problem with exercise, you’re doing it so you can look good, but to get there you have to look pretty awful. This is why I’ve always thought that there should be secret, underground Fat Club gyms, where you can work out in secret, and get to a stage where you’re comfortable going to a proper gym.

I intend to join a gym, although I have to admit a fear of turning up and struggling through a workout feeling pathetic compared to a gang of adonises and feel humiliated in front of the cast of the “Call On Me” video.

This probably won’t happen, but its still a fear.

But, I guess I’ll just have to persevere and try and overcome my insecurities about it. I’m damn sure I won’t get into better shape without exercise, so I guess I’ll have to take some moments of embarrassment and discomfort in order to become more comfortable in myself more of the time.

But still, if someone’s got some cosmic rays or an invisibility cloak lying around feel free to send it to me. I could exercise worry free.


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