Guess who’s coming to dinner?

Topic 237- Assemble your dream dinner guest list (6 people)

This is a common question, in fact I’m surprised it hasn’t been turned into a TV Heaven Telly Hell/Room 101 style show where different celebrities explain to the host who they’d invite and why, as well as throwing in a few people they’d hate to eat at the same table as (I think Hitler would have to be a given, in the way that Desert Island Discs gives you the Bible and the Complete Works of Shakespeare). Similarly, I’m surprised there’s no “guilty pleasure” show where people pick a crush, film, TV show, song and food item.

Anyway, back to the point. I did a bit of research on this one, because I wanted to see what other people had said, and to see just how out of step I was with the rest of the population.

It turned out that they did a poll of Premiership managers and the number one pick was Muhammad Ali, who is quite a good pick to be fair, although doesn’t make my list. Maybe if I’d had 10 places as I’m sure he’s an interesting dude and would have some amazing stories to tell.

Apparently another poll taken discovered that David Attenborough was the most popular choice, which again, I can understand, although the joint second placed picks completely baffle me- Gordon Ramsey? You invite a top chef round for food? Margaret Thatcher?! JK Rowling? Kylie Minogue? Seriously? I don’t mind Kylie but out of everyone in the world, living or dead that’s who you’d pick?

Another person I’d imagine is quite popular would be the Dalai Lama, and the writer of this piece says that:

The Dalai Lama could probably teach myself and other guests more about life in an evening than the whole of the self help and psychologies section on Amazon so I’d get him along.

Hmm, well that may be, but having followed HHDL on twitter for quite a while, I think you can pretty much get what he wants to say from Bill and Ted, that is- “Be excellent to each other”.

Bill and Ted- Great modern philosophers

Anyway, I’m waffling, time to get down to my guest list.

First pick, and for me a no-brainer, is Stephen Fry. He’s witty, intellegent and fascinating, having read his books and seen him on various TV shows I can’t imagine that sitting next to him would be anything other than a delight, the conversation would flow and I’d probably learn some interesting new things. I’m not ashamed to admit it that Fry is one of an alarmingly long list of man crushes, although entirely on the basis of coolness and personality.

Seated the other side of Mr Fry would be Emma Thompson, like Fry she comes across as being a clever person, and also I have a massive crush on her. I’d probably avoid talking too much to her one-on-one because I’m not sure I could stop myself from gushing about how marvellous I think she is.

Emma Thompson- Marvellous

Next along (I’m imagining a longish table, three on each side, with me at the head) I’d have put another man crush of mine, George Clooney, who seems like a total dude and game for a laugh, while also giving the impression that he’d be interesting to talk to.

One suave bastard

Opposite George I’d have the delightful, Victoria Coren, who could finally fully explain how to play poker along with seeming to be a genuinely clever, charming and funny person, I could also ask her if its possible to get a copy of the porn movie she made in the book Once More With Feeling, as having read the book many times I’m rather interested to see how it turned out.

Next up, the legendary Lemmy, who could probably share a colourful tale or two and I could have a drink or two with after the meal.

My final guest would be another singer, the utterly captivating Lady Gaga. Now first up, I’m a massive fan of her work and also think she’s probably slightly barmy, but she seems like a fascinating person and I’d love to see what she’s like in real life. In interviews she comes across as being pretty cool.

Although, as with Emma Thompson there’s a risk that after a few too many screwdrivers with Lemmy I’d embarrass myself with a cack-handed attempt to chat her up.

Who would you invite?


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