X Factor Blog 2: Movie Night

Written live, slightly edited afterwards.

With Kitty, this series’ crush (in a shouldn’t but would kinda way) out I have to admit that frankly, I don’t give a damn about any of the contestants as they’re a bland bunch.

Kitty- Bonkers, but a real character and a guilty crush

Craig opens with the great cliche “I didn’t think that I’d make it past the first audition” then why bother? I hate that statement it’s just such a blatant attempt to appear humble, if you really didn’t rate your voice you’d never have tried, a certain level of self belief is necessary. He then garbled through the opening of “License to kill” hardly the Bond classic Gary Barlow promised. (Top 5 Bond themes- Goldfinger, A View To A Kill, Diamonds are Forever, Goldeneye and Live And Let Die)

A View To A Kill- One of the best Bond themes by Duran Duran and my personal favourite Bond movie

My issue with Craig is while he’s technically good I just dob’t warm to his voice or him as a performer.

Up next the talented but whatever-the-opposite-of-versatile-is Janet, formerly my pick to win. Plays it safe with Sixpence None The Richer’s “Kiss Me”, which, being a soft git, I’ve always thought was a great song.

It’s a decent, if hardly revolutionary performance but Louis and Tulisa looked unimpressed halfway through. But then give positive feedback, odd. Gary also gives her a bit of praise, and Kelly says, erm, something.

If I was a judge I’d struggle to criticise Janet, she’s just too sweet, it’d be like kicking a puppy or something.

Too cute to diss?

Third performer of the night, Amelia, her first proper show back. I thought she was great last week, but a song from Bridget Jones, god, I hope it’s not “All By Myself”.

Ummm, surely “Think” should be billed as from The Blues Brothers! I know it might not be well known by the target audience but come on, I don’t remember it in BJD.

The Blues Brothers- a classic movie, featuring Aretha Franklin performing "Think"

Ok performance but cover Aretha and you’ll always come away looking second best.

Misha, gutted about being in the bottom 2 last week, then trots out the heartache story. A good singer, but she seems to fail to engage with an audience, which I get because you don’t feel there’s any real emotion in her performances.

Surely though there should be a 3 strikes and you’re out policy on the bottom 2. Clearly it indicates that regardless of the praise the judges heap on an act, the public aren’t feeling it. And if they won’t pick up a phone, why will they buy a song or an album?

Don’t know what this song is but like every other week it’s a case of belting out the notes to show off the voice as opposed to a show of emotions. Meh, I’m not a fan.

Little Mix, living on borrowed time, no girl group has lasted this long but they just don’t seem like realistic contenders. They seem sweet enough, but I don’t see them lasting much longer.

Another song I don’t recognise, from Set It Off? I feel like a grandparent.

Meh, nothing special.

Last to take the stage is my favourite and pick to win, Marcus, who’s slightly jazzy cover of “Another One Bites The Dust” last week I really dug.

He comes out strong with that “you’re love keeps lifting me higher song” (from Ghostbusters II, not as they announced Ghostbusters). It’s a wonderfully upbeat performance and he seems to be enjoying himself. For me, performance of the night.

Also loving his pink jacket. Looking sharp!

Bottom 2: it’s gotta be Little Mix and, on the basis of this week, Craig.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. TTFN


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