Grounds For Divorce

The other week on the news was this story about a guy who’d spotted a flashing light and some kind of device on his car, and thinking it was a bomb contacted the police, who turned up, cordoned off the area and got the bomb squad out.

However, it wasn’t a bomb, it turned out to be a GPS tracking device that had been put on his car by private investigators by his jealous wife who suspected he was having an affair.

It appears he wasn’t but surely the marriage is over anyway?

I mean, while the fella seemed pretty calm about it and is quoted as saying:

My wife has always been that kind of person who has wanted to know where I am.

But can he really be that level-headed about it, can he? You’re married to someone and have made promises to remain faithful for the rest of your life and then you discover that they don’t trust you? To the extent that they’ve hired professionals to keep tabs on you?

You can’t have a relationship without trust. I mean, why be with someone if you suspect all the time that they’re going to cheat on you? And definitely not be with someone who believes you’re capable of that.

If I was the bloke involved I’d already be filing for divorce. To be that mistrusted by someone you love would be painful, and to have that lack of faith revealed in such a public way would be mortifying.

For me, that’d be a deal breaker, and I’m sure every court in the land would agree that he’d be well within his rights to want to get out of the relationship.

And as for the wife, she comes across as a total bunny boiler and while she’s apologised she’s probably done just as much damage to the marriage as any affair would have.


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