Reasons to be Cheerful: Lanterns, Scooters and more.

1. Mod Squad

Walking through town today I saw two aging mods stood next to their scooters, one of which looked like something Captain Britain would pop down the shops on, but which I thought looked pretty cool.

2. Oompa-Loompa-Doompa-dee-do

Also in town today a teenage girl bought a smile to my face (which sounds really sleazy, but bear with me). The girl in question was walking with a friend, and like many girls in South Wales had overdone the old fake tan, however whereas most go a shade of red that I call Neath Apache, this girl hadn’t gone that far but she was orange to the point where she looked like an employee of Willy Wonka.

“Hmm, I wonder how my daughter’s doing in Swansea”

I felt slightly guilty about laughing, but I think in this instance it was justified as it was a) self inflicted b) if you’re stupid enough to waste money on fake tan you deserve mocking and c) her normal coloured friend seemed as amused as everyone else.

3. Forget Jack O’Lanterns, These are far cooler

Halloween is coming up, and while we make a small fuss about it here, in America they go all out, especially with the pumpkin carving. But check this out, this is what happens when you mix geekiness and too much free time and then throw in four watermelons.

Good work, anonyous geek!

4. Puntastic

I love a good pun, and this one made me smile.

5. Ghost Rider

I saw the trailer for the second Ghost Rider movie today, and it looks a lot more fun than the first which was a dissapointment. It looks like it’ll be an action filled romp with Nic Cage delivering some old school overacting, and the trailer ends with a cheesy gag that made me laugh.

My problem with GR is that while the character does look totally badass they never really do anything decent with him. Seriously, can’t we get Grant Morrison, Garth Ennis or Neil Gaiman to work on this? Give the flaming skulled vengeance seeker some good, surreal story arcs.



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