News Grab-bag 1: Reigns of terror end, giant footwear and the ultimate feel good movie pitch

Okay, tackling various

Reigns Of Terror End

Today I followed on Twitter as news of Gadaffi’s death emerged. It started as a rumour, then became a fact, then was called into question and then finally was verified, with a picture of the former dictator being released.

There was an air of inevitability over Gadaffi’s demise, as the Arab Spring gathered momentum and the rebels rallied people assumed he’d be dead within days. But his supporters put up strong resistance and he retreated to Sirte, his home time where finally he was found and killed.

Libya’s rebuilding will be a long and difficult process, but with Gadaffi dead it ends the uncertainty and will enable them to move on to other matters.

While Gaddafi’s death is massive, it must be said that an even greater evil was vanquished this week. Irish pop behemoth Westlife.

After 14 years (seriously, we let them get away with it for 14 years?!) they’re calling it a day.

I can’t believe they sold 44 million records, seriously come the revolution anyone who owns a Westlife record will not be allowed to breed again.

I’ve never understood why they were so popular, even by boyband standards they were bland and completely personality free, seriously, I can’t name any of them other than Brian, and only because of the SM:TV live pokemon battle sketch featuring him, and the fact the Irish wanker banged Delta Goodrem, getting him into my hate list.

The delightful Delta

Boyzone I can forgive, Take That I almost like, 5ive were fun and at least Blue had Lee Ryan and his idiotic statements. Westlife had nothing, just mediocre covers of wet ballads.

Good riddance to them. And Gaddafi.

Make This Movie Now

There was a news story recently that combined elements of some of Hollywood’s best movies, and would make a fantastic film in its own right.

In 1983, Dewey Bozella was convicted of a crime he didn’t commit and wound up in prison until 2009. Now, most of us would probably fall into despair, but not Bozella, guy used his undeserved time wisely and earned two degrees.

But he also began training as a boxer. And became a prison champion, which means he’s a certified badass.

Anyway, when new evidence of lying witnesses emerged Bozella was finally released in2009. And then this year he made his professional debut at the age of 52, which he won in front of 20,000 people.

Bozella in action

And before the fight he recieved a good luck call from President Obama. Fantastic.

Bozella seems to be a genuinely inspiring bloke, I mean, to suffer that kind of injustice and to emerge from it a better man and with little trace of bitterness. I’m not sure I’d cope that well, but what a hero.

Seriously, somebody must be working on the script now- wrongfully accused man sent to prison, trains as boxer and improves himself before finally being freed and achieving glory? Its got Oscar all over it.

And finally….

This fella ordered a size 14.5 monster foot slipper, however, the Chinese company who make the slippers messed up with the decimal point and he ended up getting a size 1,450 slipper.

The best part? They got the size right on the other one, so he got one massive one and one normal. Madness.

What I don’t get is that he’s selling it on eBay, I’d keep that. Am now tempted to see if I can purchase it though.



2 Comments on “News Grab-bag 1: Reigns of terror end, giant footwear and the ultimate feel good movie pitch”

  1. nope says:

    you realise the slipper story is a fake? Pity though

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