Today, I went for my second tattooo. I got my first one done ages ago, nothing fancy, just Snaggletooth the Motorhead logo.

I’ve wanted a second one for ages and had a fair few ideas of what to have next, but in the end I went for a simple phrase on my forearm:

The quote is Latin for “While I breathe, I hope” and I got it from the book version of 127 Hours. Every chapter starts with a  quote, and this one stuck in my mind.

Its simple, and for someone who usually gets fed up and gives up fairly easy, I decided it’d be good to get as a kind of inspiration thing.

If you’ve not had a tattoo before, then yes, they do hurt. But not that much, its kind of like a dull scratching, but because they go over the same area again and again it does get a little sore. Luckily, I had the fact my foot had fallen asleep and my tattooist’s cleavage to distract from the discomfort.

This experience, along with watching NY Ink and LA Ink is starting to convince me that all female tattoists are hot.

NY Ink's gorgeous Megan Massacre, be still my beating heart.

And the black latex gloves are oddly sexy too.

Having a female tattooist raised an interesting question. Who was I more concerned with staying stoical in front of? An attractive girl or another dude. Bizarrely, I think it was the dude, on a purely macho “boy’s don’t cry” level, also because I could imagine the bloke laughing about it later, whereas for some reason I imagine a girl would be more understanding.

I winced a bit, but mainly kept a straight face and watched the whole thing, and not just because her cleavage was at the end of my arm.

There’s something fascinating about the whole process and its one of those things that completely boggles my mind. I just can’t understand how the first tattoo was discovered.

But I’m glad they were, becasue I quite like my ink, as it were. And am definitely planning to get a few more in the future.

It was only midway through the process that I realised that getting a forearm tattoo was a bit Max Cady-ish, but at least mine wasn’t vengeance obsessed scripture.



2 Comments on “Inked”

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