Right leg, left leg, body’ll follow

Ages ago I heard that you should try to walk 10,000 paces a day, I forget where, but the idea lodged somewhere in my subconscious. Then recently as part of its healthy lifestyle campaign the government relaunched the 10,000 steps idea.

My current iPod, which is on its way out, has an inbuilt pedometer. I found this out last month, by accident, having owned it for 3 years. Which says it all really.

But having discovered the function, and now actively trying to get into better shape I decided to use it. It turns out 10,000 paces a day isn’t that bad and I’m surprised that I can do the whole thing without being too tired after. After the first 10 days I’ve done 107,188 paces, so I’ve passed my goal so far.

You don’t really notice changes about yourself, as from your viewpoint they’re so gradual you think you’re the same. But since moving to my place and starting to walk to work, I’ve found the walk to work (around 6,500 paces) easier and I’m doing it in a quicker time. I’m also a couple of notches down on my belt.

And also, I feel a lot better in myself. Which is the main thing. 2011 has been quite a good year so far for me in terms of personal improvement.

(Its all getting a bit over earnest isn’t it? Don’t worry, I promise there’ll be a return to angry rants and pointless pop culture riffs soon enough)

I’m still far from being on the cover of Men’s Health, but I think I am looking a little better. Although, still pretty bad.

Don't expect to see me here anytime soon

I’m going to keep on with the 10,000 when I move to my new place next month and am also planning on joining a gym.

I’m a bit surprised I’m posting this, I don’t usually write about this kind of thing.



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