X Factor Blog 1: Charlie Says “Every man for himself!”

You have to possess a certain drive to succeed, in whatever field you want to. A focus that enables you to go for your target. However, its always worth remembering the Wheaton’s Law:

Wheaton's Law, simple but one we should try to follow

This year on X Factor we’ve seen a classic display of self involvement and fame obsession in action. Usually these two things are the behind the scenes engines of the entire set up, but this year they were placed front and centre by one man-


For those of you not watching this year, some background. Charlie auditioned with some mates as The Keys, a passable male group. Meanwhile, five dudes auditioned seperately, and while they were alright, none were strong enough to be solo artists. With the usual drought of groups, the judges lumped the five into a hastily assembled group, The Risk.

But mentor Tulisa decided in the next stage of the process that the Risk weren’t up to it, and neither, other than Charlie were The Keys. And so she grabbed three of the Risk members and Charlie and offered them a chance to form a new group, in the process giving the worst misuse of the phrase “Supergroup” ever.

Now for Tom, Dick and Harry (I can’t be bothered to look up their real names) this was an easy choice, ditch two fellas they barely know and get another bite at the cherry? They were in.

But Charlie, well he had a much tougher choice. Could he abandon his friends in order to pursue his dream? Friends vs personal glory? Its a tough one, you’d talk to your mates wouldn’t you. At the very least you’d want some time to mull it over.

Charlie needed half a second. And then he sold out his buddies.

And what did he sell his friends out for? No group has ever won the show. And only 2 have made decent careers for themselves. That’s 2 out of 21 since the show started. He should just have asked for the 30 pieces of silver.

The Risk Mk 2 (l-r) Tom, Dick, Judas and Harry.

Its not just Charlie that’s stunned me this year. Before the live shows started last night they trailed it saying there was going to be “THE BIGGEST TWIST EVER”.

It turned out that the twist was that the show’s producers had come up with a way of making the show even crueller. The final 16 went to the live shows, however 4 of the acts would be going home the second day (tonight) and not even subject to the public vote, their own mentor’s would be eliminating them. Having built them up to this point they were now about to be torn down, which could destroy someone’s confidence and provide them an even more public form of humiliation.

So who should I think should be packing their bags? Well, here are my thoughts on all four categories and my selections for early elimination.

The Boys

As ever the two strongest categories are the boys and the girls. Personally, I have to say I favour Marcus, the Scouse hairdresser, he’s got a powerful, soulful voice and easily the best performer of the four, as well as seeming like a decent bloke.
The biggest character in the group is Frankie, who made an impression at his first audition by revealing he had 6 girls’ names tattooed on his arse, before revealing the tattoo itself. Quite a likable, cheeky chappy, and a decent voice, think he’ll shne come rock week, I reckon he’ll be in the final 3. My last pick to survive is Craig, who has a fantastic voice. He also seems quite likable and as another fat man trying to shift some bulk, I gotta have his back.
Pack your bags- James. He performed a woeful, lifeless cover of “Ticket To Ride” and seems to be the weakest performer. Essentially a busker, and one you probably wouldn’t give much change to.

The Girls

Tough group, dominated by two strong vocalists Misha and Janet. Misha gave one of the best performances last night with an Adele cover and earned her place, as did the adorable Janet, who despite covering the awful “Fix You” gave a phenomenal performance.
Last to make the cut for me is Sophie, who despite faltering at the start of her live show debut rallied to do a good version of “Teenage Dream”.
Pack your bags- Amelia. A total non entity.

The Overs

Sad that I’d be classed as over the hill in the X Factor world. Let’s face facts, none of these are going to win.
Probably the most engaging is Kitty, who’s interesting to watch because she quite clearly has issues. Up, down, confident, tearful, she’s all over the place, but so far has managed to bring some brilliant performances. Louis would be mad to axe her, not just a good voice but she’ll also provide some of the backstage drama.
The fact that Goldy was going to make it over Sami kind of tells you that Louis has realised he’s not going to win. Fantastic voice and seems like a genuinely nice person, but she’ll be go somewhere around the halfway point.
This year’s comedy act is Johnny, the camp bedsit resident. Not an awful singer, but in no way a pop star. Sadly, will probably go on a bit of a run.
Pack your bags- Jonjo. He may have finally ditched the stupid hat he wore throughout the auditions, but still his nerves are showing and he performed a lifeless, out of tune cover of The Kinks’ “You Really Got Me”.

Jonjo: That's some bad hat, Harry

The Groups

Tulisa’s done reasonably well with an awful crop, although I wanted her to pick that couple, purely for the drama when they inevitably split up and could do bitter, two sided songs like “Jackson” on the live shows.
They’ll probably all drop out fairly quickly, but I have to say the most personable of the bunch are 2 Shoes, who at least bring a bit of campy fun to the show and are fairly good singers.
All girl group Rythmix did a fairly duff Nicki Minaj cover, but they are fairly likable, but girl groups never do well so they’ll be out in a matter of weeks.
Which brings us to The Risk featuring the treacherous Charlie, their cover of Plan B was dull but passable.
Pack your bags- There’s no need for two bland boybands, and Nu Vibe are the weaker of the two.

So those are my thoughts on X Factor, I apologise to those who hate the show, but get used to it, there may be a few posts on this subject.



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