Wine is fine, but whisky’s quicker

Earlier this week, rock god and one of my personal heroes, Lemmy announced that he was launching his own wine.

Its easily the most badass wine bottle I’ve ever seen, its just a shame that I’m not a wine drinker, although I suppose I could get my mum a case for her Christmas present and keep one as a souveneir.

It just seems like an odd choice, wine is not what you’d expect the hellraising singer from Motorhead to drink. You’d expect him to drink something harder- vodka, Jack Daniels, jaeger, lighter fluid.

Now some might view this as Lemmy selling out, but let’s remember that compared to Gene Simmons Lemmy is merely paddling in the shallow end of crass commercilisation.

Not sure why anyone would want these.

Hell, ol’ Gene even got a KISS coffin made, called the Kasket, so even after death he could grab a few bucks off his fans.


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